The Pause in Public Speaking – how long is right?

The pause is the one single most effective tool in public speaking.

I discovered this for myself at a speaking contest. I was not satisfied with my speech which brought me into the contest during one of the half-yearly competitions with Rhein-Ruhr-Toastmasters.

So I took a break at the venue and took a walk at the venue where I ended up at a children's playground. I had an idea going on for a while centering about the value Read more

“The Mythical Man-Month” – THE book on project management

Have you ever heard the quote "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later" (aka Brooks' law)? Probably, in the one or other variation.

"The Mythical Man-Month" (TMMM) by Frederick P. Brooks is the original source. One of the books which often quoted but rarely read (like Sun Tzu's "Art Of War"). It is about the mindset of software projects. If you want to learn about project management as a method this is not the right book but if you want to understand its basic drives and challenges in the context of software then it is.

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Election debates on TV start long before being on air …

Ramping up for Germany's election in 2013 the  parties now debate how they are going to debate. The challenger Steinbrueck demands two TV debates, the defender Merkel prefers to stick with one like in the years before (report, in german). The only year with 2 TV debates was 2002, after that there was only one in Germany. Before? None.

TV debates have a not-so-long history, the first one took place in 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon. Here is a great article from the BBC about the history of political Read more

Better Business Talks – 7 Workshops an einem Tag – 19. November, Köln

Diese eintägige Veranstaltung gibt Ihrer Firma, Ihren Führungskräften und Ihren Mitarbeitern neue Impulse gibt: Better Business Talks! Sieben international anerkannte und ausgezeichnete Redner geben Ihnen die Werkzeuge, die Ihre Präsentationen und Reden sofort besser machen. Die Workshops im Einzelnen:   The power of preparation (John Zimmer) Speech structure (Florian Mueck) Stellar story telling (Peter Zinn) […]

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