Most content only is available in german language for the time being but all services are available in english as well as in german.

All services are also available through remote communication instead of face-to-face meetings. Of course this comes with some limitations but experience shows that it is also effective depending on the nature of the setup and the topics.

“Complexity increases.

Change accelerates.

We are still the same people.”

You organisation is changing? Good!

Some years ago we worked in relatively fixed organisation structures, now we work in constant re-organisation.

We had a set of limited topics, today we are confronted day by day with a new topic.

We had time to think and to plan.

Today the expectation is that we deliver immediately.

What we can do for you

Your organisation is already on its way into the new way of work. You have a fresh start and you use your freedom.

While working on your project you want to learn and improve.

Develop your project and your team

We work with your team in the ongoing project on the topics that are relevant for you and pave the way for effective change.

First things first, second not at all.

Our topics:

  • Cultural change
  • Productivity
  • Communication and Storytelling
  • Creative Methods
  • Strategy
  • Agile Implementation beyond the basic methods
  • Flow
  • Interdisciplinary Work

Agile Coaching

I facilitate process improvements within your team. The focus areas depend on the maturity level of the team, the organisational setup and the individual team setup.

Building on existing strengths is a priority – and every team has its strengths. Typical areas are the basic agile processes (e.g. Kanban, Scrum or a mix of both), the collaboration with the world around the team, the strategic planning process and the communication lines.