Strong Start

Our world changes fast. Some decades ago we had some time to get up to speed when we took a new position or job. Some month maybe. Today our position or job might already be a different one by that time. We need to get up to speed FAST. We also need to change constantly. At a conference a speaker made a point that (at least in some areas) when you start training for your dream job chances are good that this dream job simply does not longer exist when you are finished.

We are currently developing a program that helps you to match this speed. It covers the skills that are required to live up to the challenges of modern work environments:

  • Multiple stakeholders
  • Complex work environments
  • Need to act fast
  • Communicate across boundaries
  • The first 100 days

This program will be available as a self study unit in a basic version and in an advanced version with coaching and a personal profile. It will be available in the first quarter of 2013 - soon! If you are interested sign up for the newsletter or contact us directly.