Personal profiles

We work with two personal profiles:

  • the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) which results in 16 life motivs which are driving us, valuable for coaching, personal development and leadership topics and
  • the Personal Communication Style Inventory (PCSI) which is a framework of 4 basic communication styles, valuable for understanding different approaches to presenting oneself.

Both profiles provide insights into the own motivation and communication but they are also an effective framework to understand others better!

The Reiss Motivation Profile and its 16 life motivs

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is taken online and consists of 128 questions. The results are compared against a huge database and show how the tested person's 16 life motivs compare against the values of all others in the database. Here is how the result looks like as an overview:

example reiss motivation profile

The RMP is commonly used e.g. for

  • Leadership coaching,
  • Team development,
  • Personal development and coaching,
  • Relations ship coaching.

Unlike other profiles it assesses the inner drivers and not outward behavior. The test is quite comprehensive and substantial, the results are delivered and discussed in a feedback session of about 90 minutes.

The Personal Communication Style Inventory

This is a light weight test in form of checking attributes (online or in a booklet). It results in a percentage value for each of the four communication styles:

  • Mediator - e.g tries to balance interests
  • Strategist - e.g looks into data and asks for details
  • Presenter - e.g is outgoing and energetic
  • Director - e.g wants to determine the outcome

The test gives valuable information for the strengths and risks of each style (there is no good or bad style). It also looks into dynamics and interactions of the types.

We use this test for all communication related topics with people we work with.