We all negotiate quite a lot. With our friends, our colleagues, our spouses, our kids. Our expectations are not exactly positive: A shady guy lures us into making the first offer while we have read that whoever makes the first offer looses. We expect the shady guy to do some magic tricks that makes us pay a much higher price than reasonable. Then we leave with a bad feeling that we were set up (remember how the chairs were arranged?) and / or we wasted a chance. Select as appropriate.

This is not how it works - negotiation is not a dark art!

Negotiating is skill that can be learned. It should be learned. When both parties are skilled negotiators both are better off. A win-win result of a negotiation is "a negotiated outcome in which parties have reached an agreement that can not be mutually improved upon" ["The truth about win-win negotiation",Leigh L. Thompson, 2011]. In other words this is the best solution both parties can agree upon.

To achieve this result both parties need to understand their goals, their options, their priorities. It starts with a reflection about ourselves (as we all bring our personalities to the negotiation table). Then we need to define our basic goals and limits - we need to "know our numbers" (even if its not money we are negotiating about). Finally we need to understand the dynamics of a negotiation.

Amberwiz runs workshops and offers coaching to improve your negotiation skills - contact us for a discussion of your needs.

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." [John F. Kennedy]

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