We offer you scenario analysis and planning for small and middle sized enterprises in the for of workshops and consulting.

Scenario analysis and scenarion planning are a sophisticated method for making decision under uncertainty and developing a strategy for an unknown future. This is not a numeric analysis but a narrative. Its origins go back to the cold war time research at RAND. Shell pioneered the method (Piere Whack wrote this paper while  working at Shell) and was able to position itself so successful during the oil crisis that it was the company that came out of the crisis stronger.

Note that scenario analysis and planning is not just creating some "what-if" slides. Its a framework that allows a deep and creative analysis of possible futures. See the following slides for a 45-minute exercise during the WandelbarCamp 2012 (about change in social systems, in german but you get the idea):

WBC12 Session Szenario Planung from WandelBarCamp

The method now trickles down to smaller and smaller companies. It is routinely deployed in the big corporations but at a smaller scale it becomes more accepted in middle sized companies. The current volatile environment makes a strong case for this method, read e.g. this article from Roland Berger.

Wired ran a good article together with a tool for the personal application.

Contact us for a workshop and consulting - you can profit from the tools of the big players. You run the same IT as they did some years ago, why not use the same tools for strategic planning?