Decision making

The right decisions - if you know somebody who can do this every time please let us know! The rest of us have to take risks and try to understand our decisions as best as we can.

Decision making has many aspects. The approach presented here ist "weighted decision making". The process has x steps:

  1. Select a topic you need to decide, e.g. a new job.
  2. Enter parameters that are important for your decisions, e.g. salary, career chances, long-term development, commuting time etc.
  3. Assign a weight between 1 and 3 to each parameter. 1 means not that important, 3 means top priority.
  4. Assess your current status and also your target status by filling out a column for the current job and the dream job.
  5. Now enter the data for your available options - if you do not know it then its time to do some research!
  6. During this process continuously refine your model - are the values balanced and correct, are all relavant parameters covered, is the weight correct?
  7. You can also do "what-if" analysis by changing the weight for a parameter, e.g. as high as 10 to assess the impact ("putting it under the microscope")
  8. Look at the result. Eliminate weak candidates. Sleep over it. Revisit it. And take also into account your intuition!
  9. Make a decision.

The process is as valuable as getting the final values - maybe even more important. Through this process you are forced to list you decision criteria, not just juggling black boxes in your head!

Excel worksheet for your decisions

We have created a useful worksheet that enables you to make better decisions based on this method. You can download it: 

If you like it and it helps let us know what decision problem it solved for you! :-)