Business models

Systems and business models ... are a passion of me. If you know what to look for there is structure. Especially in ideas. It just needs to be uncovered.

With system we mean your unique combination of skills, experience and resources. You could call it your "story". I talked to many people who wanted to try something new but claimed that they have "nothing to build this on, its just an idea". This was virtually always simple not true. It was a matter of connecting the dots.

We have more than we think

I coached a high potential woman who felt she did not have enough experience "on the ground" to move on to the next level. We explored. She told me she did 9 months of ground work when she started. Not the usual stuff but challenging. She said that she learned so much. When asked how that experience compares to the others aiming for the next level I got a surprised look. The answer was "they do not come even close". The solution was to declare the ground work episode closed. Item checked, with distinction.

We are resourceful. Ful of unique resources.

The background of this idea is the ressource based strategy approach. Look around - no matter if individuals or organisations. They might appear similar but they are very different! A manager might be able to make quick decisions why the other takes the time to get to the ground. It depends on the situation what is effective. A company might have a great collaborative culture while another one gathers the best experts which do not really relate to each other. Can you predict who succeeds?

Success depends on the individual "configuration". JFK suffered of massive back problems but he became president. Find your individual configuration!

The individual model

During our work with clients we found that trying to build a model first and then executing or delivering it does not work. We found out soon that its action and strategising in a close loop that works best. A strategy is best developed based on a specific project. There is a goal, it engages the strategy, puts it to the test. Note that this applies to individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses, not to huge organisations (in the sense of an overall strategy).

Amberwiz Model E

The business model

Once we have (the start of) our model we need to connect it to the world. We need a business model - no matter if its for profit or not. We need to understand the value we create for others, we need to know who it is that uses our products and services and we need to figure out how they connect. And finally we need to run the numbers so that we can make a profit or simply keep doing what we enjoy doing.

There is a range of great tools out there. As a starter we found the business model canvas a meta model which gives an elegant and comprehensive perspective. The canvas is a story in itself worth investigating for everybody interested in the subject!