Debating is the ultimate challenge in public speaking. It requires logical thinking and emotional appeal, fast thinking and a good sense for the situation.

And it is the most common task in public speaking most of us face! How often do we give presentations and speeches? And how often do we exchange our view with friends, colleagues and family? Sometimes its lighthearted ("which club is the best") and sometimes its serious ("shall we do x or y for next few years?").

We have run a variety of debating workshop format, from 6 to 60 people, from 45 minutes to 5 hours. Read how a debating workshop with Amberwiz plays out and what you will learn. You will also get insights into debating. Download the free pdf here: 

We also run workshops and offer coaching in the related topics of rhetorics and negotiation.

Debating is more an art than a science. Our workshops cover the hole range from purpose over strategy and tactics to rhetorics:

debate structure

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