Amberwiz case studies

We work mainly with entrepreneurs, many of them trainers and coaches, and with small companies in the service sector.

Case study "Holistic Health"

The client in the United States has sold his company and developed a vision of "holistic health", based on his personal story and a career change.

Within 3 month we analyzed the current activities and found the "red thread" in it. The client gained clarity about his vision and his unique capabilities that support this vision. To make this a tangible product the client developed a series of podcasts based on the structure we created.

  • Structure developed: Combined the personal story with the vision. Put the existing services into context.
  • Projected delivered: Series of podcasts.

Case study "Coaching Theme"

The client in Germany has a variety of talents and a strong vision to empower people to stand up for themselves. He was giving speeches and workshops but they where not aligned with his vision.

Within 3 months we developed his coaching theme and figured out how he wants to implement this theme based on his talents, skills and experience. He won a pitch for  workshop for which we co-created the agenda so that it reflects his theme.

  • Structure developed: Aligning and focusing existing services with his coaching theme.
  • Projected delivered: Paid workshop that delivers his coaching theme of "stand up for yourself".

Case study "Scalable Training Model"

The client in Scandinavia had an idea present for years and a full business plan but no project so far.

Within 7 months we explored his vision and created a first approach how to deliver it. We then pitched for two projects and won one of them. We co-created and co-delivered a series of 3 workshops which was an implementation of his original vision. As a byproduct we created a product-development-guide that allows to franchise the coaching concept, making it scalable.

  • Structure developed: Standardized structure for the trainings, reflecting the unique vision.
  • Projected delivered: Paid series of 3 workshops.

How we typically work

First we explore in a Skype call or face-to-face in our office in Bonn, Germany, how we can contribute value to your business. This usually takes 1 - 2 hours and is free of charge (and you already get valuable feedback). As a result we can set preliminary goals and we we make you an offer.

The next step is a workshop of at least half a day, again either remote or face-to-face. In this workshop we typically

  • take a close look at the elements and relations of your current model and situation,
  • discuss your challenges and possible solutions,
  • discuss a specific project or goal.

The outcome of the workshop is a plan. We continue to work together either in calls or further workshops as appropriate and agreed.

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