Consulting is when we do the work. Coaching is when you do the work. Coaching is a method to move you beyond walls and hurdles. It assumes that you already have all you need to be successful - it just needs to be developed. This is the art of co-creation that coaching is all about.

In regular sessions - either in person or remote via telephone or Skype - we identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Then we strategise and develop a plan which will get you where you want to be. Topics are professional or personal, experience shows that they are often related.

Classical applications for coaching are:

  • dissatisfaction with the Status Quo
  • feeling the need for a changed (without knowing in which direction)
  • being challenged by a new job, position or role
  • the desire to develop, to grow, to live up to your potential.

We work in blocks of 5 sessions where at least one is a longer one where we get into the details. Contact us and let's explore what we can do for you!